Partnership Opportunities

The virtual PREDiCT: Imaging Modalities for Oncology Drug Development Summit is excited to bring the industry-led community together for the first time.  

If you have a unique product or service that can help our community, we would love to partner with you and facilitate introduction and virtual meetings through this event! 

Based on our conversations with market leaders such as MD Anderson Cancer Institute, NIH, Genentech, our audience is actively seeking the following solutions:

Imaging Software and AI Developers: Cutting-edge services to increase reproducibility and efficiency of image analysis to plan the next stages of clinical trial management.

Imaging Equipment Providers: Increasing resolution quality across modalities to advance industry understanding behind tumour and patient response to novel therapeutics.

Assay Developers: Contrast agent and tracer provider to advance understanding of tumour response and accurately label key cell populations.

Partnership Opportunities in the Virtual Summit 

We are committed to bringing you a physical-like experience at the virtual summit, as we understand the importance of face-to-face interactions and networking to forge long-term business partnerships. 

At our virtual event you will be able to: 

  • Live demo your product and platform at your designated booth in the Virtual Exhibition Hall and answer your prospect customer’s questions 
  • Book an executive meeting room where you can host 1-2-1 private meetings or a think tank discussion with selected customers  
  • Join our virtual speed networking when we will pair you up with fellow conference attendees to spark discussion and exchange business cards  
  • Host a panel or roundtable discussion to share your thought leadership and share the stage of industry KOLs 

As the digital world presents us with more opportunities, we will be more than happy to curate an option for your business needs.  Get in touch and let us help you achieve your commercial goals. 

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Why Partner?


Meet Oncology Imaging Industry Thought Leaders
Network with 60+ world-leading experts from across the imaging industry to drive your commercial objectives

Raise Brand Awareness
Utilize the latest case studies to update your market intelligence and benchmark against experts across the oncology imaging industry

Position Yourself as Imaging Pioneers
Showcase your clinical solutions to demonstrate expertise to develop novel client relationships

If your company offers services and solutions that would benefit our audience, we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about the opportunities to profile your organization at this meeting and foster business relationships with industry thought leaders, please get in touch with me at

Please drop me a line today and discuss the best partnership option for your commercial objectives for you. We can tailor the best program to fit your business development needs.

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